Friday, April 9, 2010

Missed Women in the Halls? Come next Wed 4/14!

Thanks to all those 9to5 members who came to the Capitol yesterday - what a great turnout! We had such a great time, we're going again!

We were joined by new members Regina Holloway, Rochelle Payton, Carolyn Parker, Florence Roberts, Queen La Rosa Green, Janelle Williams, Alaina Reaves, and Gina Morrison, as well as 9to5 Atlanta board member Gloria Smith. Thank you for your participation and enthusiasm on the issues!

Yesterday the legislature was not in session and so many representatives were not at the Capitol, but they'll be back next week, and so will we! Women in the Halls has invited 9to5 members to join them again next Wednesday, April 14th for a chance to meet with your representatives.

If you couldn't make it yesterday, here's your chance! I'll be meeting up with any 9to5 members who want to participate, so just let me know if you'd like to go.

Information for next Wednesday, April 14th
8:30 -9:00am - arrive for registration, coffee and doughnuts
9:00-10:15am - Training on grassroots lobbying skills and talking points on bills
10:30-11:30am - Head to the Capitol to meet your representatives!

Coverdell Legislative Office Building 306 across from the Capitol building on Mitchell street.

Meet at IBEW building @ 8:15am for free parking and group transportation to the Capitol. 501 Pulliam St., Atlanta 30310 or take MARTA to the GA State stop. Call or e-mail for directions.

Let me know you're coming! E-mail or call 404-222-0037.

Some highlights from our visit to the Capitol yesterday...

* 9to5 organizers Cindia Cameron and Shyria Coleman updated us on the Parent Protection Act and Minimum wage bills.
* Women in the Halls staff gave us tips on how to write to our legislators.
* We wrote letters to our House representatives to drop off at their offices, and even caught Rep. Rashad Taylor at his desk!
* We ended with a tour of the Capitol building and learned how to find our legislators when the House and Senate are in session.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Make it Count in 2010! Have a voice!

by Jocelyn, 9to5 Intern

This year, I am really excited about the census and you should be too. My census came in the mail this week and I could not wait to open it. I have been anxiously waiting for it because I want my voice heard and I want to be counted. Once every ten years, the U.S. counts everyone. Every household is sent a questionnaire so that every American has an opportunity to be counted. Your completed census form determines how over $400 billion dollars will be allocated to communities across the country. Yes, even YOUR community.

Why is this so important? The data from the Census is used in 3 ways:
1. $400 Billion Annual Federal Funds Distribution
2. Congressional Seat Distribution
3. Age Search Information

According to, as of March 31, 2010, Georgia’s participation rate is a currently at 45% while national participation is at 50%. It is necessary for us to spread the word and get people to turn in their census forms! Based on population, federal funds will be divided to go towards job training centers, emergency services, neighborhood improvements, education, transportation and so much more.

Make sure your voice is heard! The population of each state determines how many representatives each state will have. If you don’t respond to the census, how will we have a voice in the U.S. House of Representatives?

The Census also uses your age search information for Social Security, retirement benefits and historical information.

100% participation is needed from every one. So much has changed over the past ten years, please send in your census and tell friend too. Be counted!