Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a working mom in the White House!

A few weeks before the election, Michelle Obama wrote in a U.S. News & World Report editorial that her top priority as first lady would be to advocate for working families and military families. For years, Michelle was a working mom and, once on the campaign trail, she talked to working parents across the country to find out they need from Washington.

Michelle discovered that working mothers in all 50 states have the same needs: affordable child care, paid sick days, pay equity, and more time to care for their children.

Read Michelle's full article here.

She said, "As first lady, I'd continue these conversations with working women and military spouses, and I'd take their stories back to Washington to make sure that the people who run our country know how their policies touch their constituents' lives."

What are you waiting for? Tell Michelle your story! Michelle understands the struggles that come when you have to balance your job and your family. Tell her your story so she can be YOUR advocate in Washington. Take the first step to create the kind of change YOU need!

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Tracher said...

Michelle Obama will be an amazing First Lady and hopefully the presence of young children in the First Family will help promote the importance of work/family balance issues.

I think it would be great if Michelle Obama could focus on three issues from her husband's agenda: extending paid sick days to all workers, expanding the FMLA, and expanding flexible work arrangements. This, coupled with extensive healthcare reform and a continued increase in the minimum wage, could help many working families and especially single mothers into greater self-sufficiency.

Michelle Obama is also on the cover on this week's Newsweek.