Monday, June 22, 2009

How many members will YOU recruit?

9to5's Annual Membership Drive may have ended less than a month ago, but the Atlanta Chapter would like to continue the drive's momentum by recruiting 20 new members by August 15th.

The contest starts now! The member who recruits the most new members to the chapter will win a candle-lit meal for two and the runner up will win a certificate for a massage. For more details, click here.

Not sure how to recruit members to 9to5? Just ask!

Think of people you know who might support 9to5's mission and values -- women who you know have needed paid sick days, who have suffered harassment or discrimination on the job, who belong to other women's groups, or who work with organizations you have supported in the past, your mailman, childcare worker, or hairdresser. If you take look around you, I bet you'll find lots of people who would be interested in joining 9to5!

If you'd like any 9to5 brochures, voter guides, or membership forms to help you recruit members, just contact our office at 404-222-0037. Good luck!

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