Friday, February 19, 2010

9to5 Atlanta Launches "Fair Eats" Campaign to Raise Tipped Worker Min Wage

9to5 Atlanta officially kicked off it's 'Fair Eats' Campaign to raise the tipped worker minimum wage. The tipped worker min wage has been stuck at $2.13 for 19 years, and there is currently legislation in the state House, HB 290, that would raise it to $3.63. At the "Show Your Server Some Heart" press conference at Noni's restaurant on Edgewood last Saturday, 2/13, 9to5 Atlanta members spoke out telling their personal stories about struggling to make ends meet on $2.13.

Darci Rondehi, a server at Noni's, explained that $2.13 is supposed to be a deposit on the $7.25 federal minimum wage, and that if a server is not making at least 7.25/hr, the employer should be making up the difference. Member Ebony Thomas testified in front of the legislators of the Black Caucus at the Poor People's Day Hearing on Jobs and Wages on 2/11. She spoke about her struggle to support her children as a server earning $2.13. Watch these inspiring women share their stories here!

9to5’s Min Wage Campaign will have an interactive web page that will allow servers to rate their restaurants (using the criteria below), spotlight restaurants who join our efforts, share progress on public policies that will increase the tipped min wage and highlight servers’ testimonies. Stay tuned for this exciting website!

Here is the break down of how we'll be rating restaurants:

“Measuring the ‘♥’ of Restaurants throughout GA and Beyond!”
1-My guaranteed hourly pay (do not include tips) is:

0-This employer doesn’t have a heart
♥-“Taking baby steps”-$2.13 and honors min wage requirement by paying server the min wage difference when the server doesn’t make min wage via tips
♥♥-Okay-Base Pay $2.14-$3/hr
♥♥♥-Pretty Darn Good-Base Pay$3/hr or more

2-The benefits at my restaurant (server can self-define but can include vacation time, medical, sick time, shift meal, etc)

0-This employer doesn’t have a heart
♥-“Taking baby steps”-Offers a lil something perhaps shift meal, sick or vacation time
♥♥♥-Pretty Darn Good

3-Schedule Flexibility-Does your restaurant accommodate schedule needs?

0-This employer doesn’t have a heart
♥-“Taking baby steps”
♥♥♥-Pretty Darn Good

6 ♥’s earns restaurant window decal that states this restaurant has ♥! The restaurant will be spotlighted on the webpage and we’ll email thousands of people in GA emails with our preferred restaurant list. Together we represent ten of thousands of people who are interested in supporting businesses that are respectful to workers and community

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