Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Casey Foundation’s Equal Voices Campaign: Words from a member

The Marguerite Casey Foundation is a major funder of the Georgia Minimum Wage Coalition, and therefore 9to5 Atlanta as a lead organization of coalition.

The Equal Voices Campaign is an effort to connect the grassroots, leadership education, and social justice organizing campaigns of the Casey Foundation's dozens of grantee organizations nationwide.
The annual Convening of Casey Foundation grantees was held in Chicago last month.  Marilynn Winn, chapter leader, and Charmaine Davis, lead organizer, represented the Minimum Wage Coalition and 9to5 at that event.
Below are Marilynn’s own words about her experiences:
"At the Marguerite Casey Foundation  Equal Voice Convention I gathered a multitude of information on what policy making means to the world, to me, people living in poverty, especially the low-income women of our nation.
"To me the positive progress of making and changing our policies is what the Marguerite Casey Foundation Equal Voice stands for. To pull together all the organizations that are funded by that foundation, to focus on strategies that are powerful, effective, and catchy. The enormity of multiple organizations' power is to transform lives.
"The Marguerite Casey Foundation Equal Voice is powerful but personal in their touch, and is able and willing to provide the help for the low-income women and people living in poverty.
"I give my gratitude and thanks to The Marguerite Casey Foundation Equal Voices for bringing together one thought, one mind, one heart. All together, this is strength and might for equal voices to be heard, through out our nation and the world."
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