Monday, March 28, 2011

Fair Eats Campaign Takes Root in Atlanta

9to5 Atlanta is thrilled to kick off 2011 as our Fair Eats Campaign makes serious moves to urge restaurant owners throughout the city of Atlanta to do the right thing and raise the minimum wage of their tipped workers! The minimum wage of tipped workers has remained stagnant at $2.13 for over 19 years. Annually, $2.13/hour equates to merely $4,430, forcing servers to rely solely on our tips. We know that especially in this current economy relying just on tips is both unpredictable and unjust!

Organizers and members at 9to5 have embarked on extensive outreach process and letter writing campaign in order to build our base of tipped workers as well as identify and champion restaurants in Atlanta that already pay more than $2.13. We are also thrilled about our 2/21 Talk Back Session where we will bring tipped workers and our allies to get to know one another and plan our strategy for which restaurants we will target and pressure to raise their hourly wages.

Low wage working women in the restaurant industry deserve more than $4,430 a year and 9to5 Atlanta seeks to forward our goal of economic justice one restaurant at a time!

Join us! For more information contact Vanessa at 404-222-0030 or

(Originally posted 1/6/2011)

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