Monday, March 28, 2011

The Importance of 9to5's Vibrant Membership

As a new staff person at 9to5, I have quickly learned about the incredible power and importance of membership. 9to5 is the first membership-based organization I have worked for. Our membership not only drives our organizational priorities but they also fearlessly lead our work alongside staff, interns and volunteers.

Because 9to5 is a membership-based organization, we weave leadership development throughout all of our campaigns. Our Fair Eats and Flexible Use of Sick Leave campaigns are only as strong as the members who lead the work. As such, our membership charges us with the important task of developing skills that can be used in 9to5 as well as in other venues in their lives.

Working at 9to5 continuously teaches me that our work would not be nearly as affective if we did not have a membership. Our membership identified the need for an increased hourly wage of tipped employees as well as the grave importance of being able to flexibly use sick leave to take care of an ailing child, family or spouse. Our membership recruitment and outreach is much more effective because we know we are building campaigns that directly respond to low-income women’s needs.

I am continuously saddened by the sacrifices our members have to take merely in order to survive. However working directly alongside low-income women ensures that 9to5 engages and focuses on campaigns that will positively impact working women’s lives!

By becoming a member of 9to5, you will help forward 9to5’s values and commitment to work family flexibility, equal opportunity, and economic security.

-Vanessa Faraj, 9to5 Atlanta Fair Eats Organizer

(Originally posted 2/8/2011) 

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