Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year from Atlanta 9to5!!!

Here at 9to5, there's a lot on our agenda in the new year....

We're involved with two statewide campaigns to bring more family-friendly workplace policies to our state: the Georgia Job Family Collaborative and the Georgia Minimum Wage Coalition.

The Job/Family Collaborative is working to pass the Parent Protection Act (HB 37) during the 2009 Legislative Session -- which would give working parents & caregivers up to 24 hours of job-protected leave each year to take children & ailing parents to medical appointments or to attend school functions.

The Minimum Wage Coalition believes that all working Georgians deserve a higher minimum wage that will allow them to support their families. Therefore, we are working to raise the minimum wage for all Georgia workers from $5.15/hour to the federal rate of $7.25/hour by July 2009.

Join us in these efforts! Check out the coalition websites and let us know if you'd like to get involved!

Early in the new year, 9to5 will be launching a new website! This means we'll have a new national website (with the same address of and new chapter websites in Atlanta, Colorado, Milwaukee, and California. (Do you live near one of the other 9to5 chapters? Go to their website and get involved!) Check back soon for our amazing new (and more uniform) look!

And, are you a member of 9to5? If so, we'll be releasing preliminary details about our 2009 Annual Leadership Conference in Washington, DC very soon. It'll take place in May and it's shaping up to be an amazing time. If you're not already a 9to5 member, you should join and consider attending this year's ALC! We'll be bringing workplace change to Washington! Keep reading the Atlanta 9to5 blog for more information in the coming months.

From everyone at the Atlanta 9to5 office, we'd like to wish you a happy end to 2008 and a great start to 2009!

-- Cindia, Nasreen, Shyria, Yomara, Asha, Anni, & Tracie

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