Thursday, December 18, 2008

Realizing the Promise

Two weeks ago, Atlanta 9to5 staff & members went to Washington DC for the Realizing the Promise forum. Sponsored by the Gamaliel Foundation & the Center for Community Change (two well-known community organizing groups), the forum & the activities in the days around it were focused on what role organizers can play in bringing change to the United States.

Check out an article on the Realizing the Promise forum here!

Forum attendees identified several key issues that the Obama administration should focus on to help the American people: healthcare reform, immigration reform, economic recovery, and workers' rights -- which is where 9to5 fit in! We took action, we went to a press conference, we attended the forum, and we lobbied on Capitol Hill, urging our Congressmen and women to pass the Healthy Families Act.

If you'd like to see more information about the forum, please visit their website (there's a really great video at the bottom of the homepage that you should check out!). And if you'd like to become a member of 9to5 so you can get involved with activities like this one in the future, please visit OUR website!

Stay tuned for feedback, thoughts, & insight from members who went to Washington with us......

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