Monday, March 28, 2011

"Something for All Ages: 9to5 Members Attend Women's Assembly

On November 12, 2010, 9to5 Atlanta members attended the 20th Annual Georgia Women's Legislative Assembly, sponsored by Georgia Women for a Change.  Rev. Harriet Bradley, a 9to5 member, wrote up her impressions of the event:

The Georgia Women’s Assembly had something for all ages. Havilah Driver, a sixteen year old writer for VOX Teen Communications, shared wisdom beyond her age concerning human trafficking and sexual exploitation of minors during the “Intergenerational Conversation." Seeing a teenager like Havilah gave me a vision that there are young people who will carry on the work of rights and concerns for women.

Representing another generation, May Ruth Bradberry shared her many years of fighting within the corporate ladder to have equal status and access as her male co-workers. Listening to May Ruth made us appreciate the strides that have been made for women in the corporate arena, but also encouraged us to not stop in helping women in that area.

As a minister, I deal with the spiritual side of sexual abuse. I attended the workshops concerning Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Trafficking. I obtained some great resources and one of the speakers gave me a great reference book. It was so good to hear that much is being done in this area.

I am grateful that 9to5 makes their organization available to all arenas that promote women’s issues. Through our participation other organizations were made aware of the great things that 9to5 is trying to accomplish for the working woman.

-Rev. Harriet Bradley, minister and 9to5 Altlanta member

Photo: 9to5 Atlanta members at the event.

(Originally posted 1/20/2011) 


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