Monday, March 28, 2011

Why I'm Proud to be a 9to5 Member

I have lived in Atlanta since 1991 and I had never participated in the Martin Luther King Celebration!  This year was entirely different.  I have been volunteering with  9to5 Atlanta for the past few years!  I love 9to5 because they advocate for women’s rights in the workplace.  Right now 9to5  is fighting for the server’s wage to increase.  Here in Georgia, servers still can only receive $2.13 an hour.  What 9to5 is doing is making people aware of this issue, as well as restaurant owners. 9to5 is fighting to get legislation before the Georgia Congress to change the law.  At the MLK rally this year as we were marching we did began chanting different slogans.  One was “9to5 keep wages high.”  We got cheers.  I felt like a star! I’m so proud to be a member of 9to5 Atlanta. 
Be Blessed!

-Rev. Harriet Bradley, 9to5 Atlanta member

Photo: Rev. Harriet, left, and Atlanta lead organizer Charmaine Davis

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